SPARCstation 5



Personal notes:
Got this one from an Auction from the Association of ComputerScience Students from our university. At last a Sparc-Pizzabox. One problem was, how can I install Solaris7 onto it without a SUN CDROM drive, as SPARCs are famous that they only accept drives with special firmware to boot from a CD. I tried to fiddle with netbooting, bootparam servers and NFS exports JUST FOR THE INSTALL. It was a real pain, and without saying more, didn't work. Fortunately I stumbled across some SUN-FAQ where it stated that one can also use an old Apple CD-ROM 300, which were Sony OEM drives.
And, as a extreme stroke of luck, I remembered that I bought one of those from a friend a few years back. Went home, hooked up the drive, typed 'boot cdrom' and ... it worked. The machine is now nicely up and running.


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