SUN 3/80




3/80 Processor(s): 68030 @ 20MHz, 68882 @ 20 or 40MHz, 68030 on-chip MMU, 3 MIPS, 0.16 MFLOPS CPU: 501-1401/1650 Chassis type: square pizza box Bus: P4 connector (not same as P4 on 3/60) Memory: 16M or 40M physical, 4G virtual, 100ns cycle Notes: Similar packaging to SparcStation 1. Parallel port, SCSI port, AUI Ethernet, 1.44M 3.5" floppy (720K on early units?). No onboard framebuffer. Code-named "Hydra". Type-4 keyboard and Sun-4 mouse, plugged together and into the machine with a small DIN plug. Boot ROM versions 3.0.2 and later allow using 4M SIMMs in some slots for up to 40M.

Personal Notes:
This machine was donated by Peter Kehl of . It currently runs the OS I received it with, SunOS4.1.3 with some custom-installed gcc and X window mananager. I didn't dare to re-install it, as I don't have an original OS for it. The machine is remarkably quick, even under X, more so when you consider the outdated hardware. Shows again that SUN built nice boxes, and that UNIX really knows how to use the chip it runs on.


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